This page will help you get started with plmapi. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


PLM standards

PLM standards are important for this project as it is key that the data model is validated and accepted by a majority of industries. As of today, we do not have access to the main standard which is STEP and PLCS is not precise enough.
Therefore the datamodel used is based on the standards but is not exactly the same. We take the liberty to adapt it.

1.Obtain an API account

Request your account by dropping us a line (here)[mailto:[email protected]]. The service should start being available in the coming months.

2. Checkout the endpoint

The PLMAPI lets you interact with product definition ressources like Parts, Bill of Materials Documents, Requirements,...

3. Make an API call

Here's an example API call that performs a GET request for a list of Part objects in JSON format.

What if there's something I don't understand?

This API is still under development, please contact us if you run into trouble. If you notice the docs are unclear, please don't be shy about clicking the "Suggest Edits" link!